Products you will need to take care of your fabric footstool

When my favorite bean bag footstool breathed it’s last, I was wary of investing in another bean bag and was checking out fabric footstools this time. The only thing that stopped me from buying this ottoman was the fear of maintenance; I always thought maintaining fabric furniture was too much work and was expensive. But once I learnt how simple and fairly easy it was to keep fabric upholstery in pristine condition, there was no looking back.

Here are a few products (many of them you use in your regular household) that will help you keep you fabric footstool looking new.

  1. Vacuum cleaner: The biggest boon for any home, this machine can be used to remove the dirt and dust thoroughly from the fabric. This is the first step in maintenance and must be performed weekly or at least twice a month. You can wipe the wooden legs of the footstool with a damp cloth.
  2. Deodorize: After a period of time, fabric starts emitting stale smell from trapped pet odors and liquid spills and other odors. You can easily overcome this by using baking soda. Sprinkle it on the footstool and after half an hour vacuum it.
  3. Spot cleaning: Normally all fabric ottomans come with a code on how to clean them. For example, if you see W it means you can use a mild soap and water or an upholstery shampoo for cleaning. S means dry cleaning and you must not use water at all. And if both W and S are present it means you can either use water or dry clean it. For spot cleaning, you will need a soft bristled brush to scrub the fabric. Once done use a damp cloth to clean it and allow to dry.

Regular cleaning of your furniture will prolong the life of the item and also keep it in good condition and looking new.…